the team

who are the humans behind humans of code?

Our team is made up of four like-minded individuals who love nothing better than to enjoy a few cold beers and talk tech! We have a shared vision to make Humans of Code a really great organisation where IT professionals can come together, collaborate and learn from each other.

Debi Skea

Software Developer, Co-Founder

“My name is Debi Skea, and I am a recovering career changer. After 19 thankless years working in retail management, in 2018 I retrained as a Software Developer.

Looking back, this was without a doubt, the best (and most terrifying!) thing Iʼve ever done as it has completely changed my life for the better. However, the transition from knowing my job inside out, to the uncertainty of retraining and not knowing if Iʼd be able to find employment afterwards was a massive struggle both mentally and emotionally.”

Tony Baker


“My name is Tony Baker and I am a website developer, passionate technologist and dad. Also quite a hairy chap and a hugger. After qualifying as a .NET Developer over 20 years ago in Northern Ireland, I worked in an operational management capacity before moving into the world of IT recruitment in 2010 and along that journey rekindled my love for development and created a business, Ava Design in 2017 which has now grown into a full-service digital provider, Tecology Consulting Group.

I am an advocate of diversity and inclusion within the workplace and genuinely want to help and support anyone who is keen to develop within the IT sector. I provide sound career advice, workplace guidance, business preparation and support for individuals to build successful futures within the IT industry.”

Chris Varley

Board Advisor and Coach

My name is Chris Varley. I’m a software technologist and leader of technical teams who’s accreted over 20 years of experience working in industries such as healthcare, aviation, financial modelling and recruitment – and I love a good family movie night.

I’ve been interested in innovation from a very young age – inspired by films such as Wargames and Short Circuit. A lot of my childhood was spent in the pursuit of creating software and the dream that what started by typing “10 CLS“ into our family ZX81 might one day grow into a program that could save the world from killer robots or some such.

As an adult, I’m lucky to enjoy an incredibly fulfilling career in tech-inspired by films such as Hidden Figures and The Imitation Game. I maintain my childlike enthusiasm not only for technological innovation but also my huge admiration for the people behind it. A diverse community who are incredibly hard-working and talented – but not infallible – and sometimes in need of support, recognition and advocacy. The real humans working to create all this code.”

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