What are the benefits of having an inclusive environment?

In this second blog of the mini-series we will look at 3 of the main benefits of having an inclusive environment:

Productivity Improvement and Lower Staff Turnover

An inclusive environment allows people to be themselves and bring the best version of themselves to the table, boosting morale and productivity because when people feel supported and happy evidence has shown productivity improves.

Research has shown that businesses that have inclusive environments are less likely to leave a job because they feel valued and included in the workplace.

Perspective & Innovation 

Having an inclusive environment also allows for new ideas and innovation to come to life as people with different backgrounds and experiences come together it often leads to new perspectives being brought to the horizon as often elements can be highlighted that maybe were previously overseen or not thought about. It’s also about knowledge sharing and being respectful of other peoples opinions and/or experiences, but on that same token sometimes people can find it hard integrate and share ideas because of previous negative experiences. We  must remember to be mindful of this when working with other colleagues and remind them that just because they might not feel like they are making an impact they must be made to still feel part of a team.

Wider Recruitment Candidate Pool

Businesses will have access to a wider talent pool when it comes to recruiting new team members, as more people may be inclined to apply for roles where a different backgrounds, disabilities, experiences and beliefs are welcomed. Of course this does not come without it’s challenges for businesses because how do you stand out from the crowd and also demonstrate that you do indeed have an inclusive environment, and that you aren’t just following the industry crowds and implementing practises that they may be promoting on social media and or at events?

Just because Diversity & Inclusion is mentioned frequently on a job advert or description and it referred to a number of times on a company website and social media platforms with the “buzz-word” inclusive thrown in there for good measure doesn’t actually mean they are inclusive. To see how inclusive an employer or an environment is it’s good to ask scenario based situational questions and gage how they respond, this can be done in a variety of different ways depending on the context of the event but some examples include webinars, or via social media.

I also think that people getting the chance to express their views on what inclusion means to them will also help an organisation improve their current environment as Diversity and Inclusion will mean different things to different people and there is no right or wrong answer when it comes down to an individual’s point of view. It’s important that everyone’s comments are taken on board and actions are taken to ensure that everyone feels included.

I’ll talk about that more in my final post, for now I’m interested to find out what an inclusive environment look like to you in your opinion and what benefits have you seen in organisations that you have worked with in the past?

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Chelsea Douglas
Chelsea Douglas

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