Pride Month 2021 Recap!

Well hi there humans. So this June has been ever so ‘slightly’ better than the last one. We have been out sipping beers, elbow pumping to our heart’s content and taking wee granny to the bingo hall to shake her wings. On top of this, we have had some great weather to enjoy! Taps off! Good times indeed!

This has all been great and most definitely long overdue, however, I thought it might be good to recap on something else that happens in June each year and should also be celebrated from the tree-tops and that is Pride Month!

This is something that really is worth celebrating so much and I thought it would be worth recapping what Pride has helped achieve so far:

  • 1992: WHO declared that homosexuality was not an illness. – hard to believe that was a thing?!
  • 2001: The Netherlands became the first country to officially recognise same-sex marriage.
  • 2002: Homosexuality decriminalised in China.
  • 2002: Gay people are allowed to adopt children in the UK.
  • 2005: Civil partnerships allowed in the UK.
  • 2010: Gay people allowed in the US military.
  • 2010: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion act in the UK protects LGBTQIA+ people from discrimination.
  • 2013: Same-sex marriage legalised in England and Wales.
  • 2014: Same-sex marriage legalised in Scotland.
  • 2020: Same-sex marriage legalised in Northern Ireland – its still pines me a little that NI was the last to wake up!

Why is Pride still so important today?

Pride Month and celebrations arenโ€™t just about watching drag queens throw t-shirts from a float or buying items with a rainbow on them. Pride matters for many reasons beyond this, is much more than a few events in summer. Pride is so important because just like what we aim to achieve with humans of code by providing a safe and supportive place for IT professionals pride also helps LGBTQIA+ people with a community, safe space, and a chance to celebrate who they are and who they love without shame. There is a lot of progress to be made, and Pride is one of the ways we can draw attention to LGBTQIA+ issues and injustices all over the world.

What’s the best thing I can do to celebrate Pride?

Although so much has been achieved through legislative change and, don’t get me wrong, that’s great! The biggest change is in attitude, and that is something that every one of us has to contribute towards. Pride is a celebration of love and acceptance. The biggest thing we can all do is shrug off the closed-minded crappy views and options of old and embrace each other for who we really are. So much has changed for the better and there really is no reason why we can’t keep on this great path we have started!

Be there for everyone, be supportive, be open and, most importantly, be kind.

Want to know more? Check out this wiki link and have a good read!

Until next time, stay classy ๐Ÿ˜‰


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